Izak Prazan

A jewish detective in Prague's paranormal police division, specializing in Kaballah and mathematics.


Born as Pavel Prazan, Izak grew up in the slums of Prague, a middle son in a large family of orks. The five Prazan brothers, avid boxers and shitkickers, were well-known by the police for many and varied misdemeanors, but also for being a regulatory presence in the slum area of Old Town. Many of the brothers would later join the police force; although their rap sheets were peppered with petty crime, they knew the streets like few others and were bright to boot.

Izak took his brothers’ lead, joined the force and became an unremarkable beat cop, saved some money, bought a small townhouse, married his childhood sweetheart, Darja, and had a baby daughter, Edita, who would become older sister to Kamila and eventually Josef.

At this point, a period begins which Izak is loath to talk about; over the next years a series of traumatic events triggered his magic awakening, which resulted in an intellectual growth spurt, leaving Izak alienated from his peers and family. Suffice it to say that the birth of Edita was traumatic to the entire family; Edita is an elf, the first ever in the Prazan family and a source of some speculation, gossip and humiliation, in the age old theme of cuckolding. Though Darjas infidelity was never proven – nor, indeed, disproven – Izak Prazan is known in some parts as the elf-father; a nomenclature laced with mockery. (Kamila and Josef are both orks, to Izak’s infinte relief). The crises took its toll and coupled with a few dramatic workrelated incidents, Izaks marriage hit the skids fast. A bout of depression and quite a few self-destructive, drunken boxing matches later, something had to give – Izak awakened and immediately had a schizophrenic episode. He is still hesitant to look up his hospital records or ask his brothers what they had to sweep under the rug in those confusing, explosive weeks.

Perhaps due to the interference of his brothers, when Izaks talent was discovered, it was initially deemed a resource to the corps. He was inducted into the Paranormal division where he hoped to find meaning in all things, his awakening in particular. As could be expected, his hopes were extinguished, his project failed, his crisis deepened. Eventually, filled with equal measures of despair and pathos, he sought religion. His family’s Catholic faith didn’t suffice; it was too mystic, with no pattern recognition, something Izak sought manically. He eventually found peace in the synagogues of Prague (unbeknowst to his wife, he also found a lover in said congregation, an unhealhty and emotionally crippling relationship which dissipated fast. Judaism, however, stuck. Converting and, on a whim, changing his first name to Izak, he became further estranged from his wife and siblings. Finally, the birth of his youngest daughter broke up his marriage, confining him to a small slum appartment, a steady drinking and casual drug habit and miserable thoughts of his place in life and very little else – besides religion and magic. A number of bad judgment calls eventually had him investigated by the IA, resulting in an aquittal of all charges along with a recommendation that Izak be put to work elsewhere. Izak did not put up much resistance.

The next eight years were spent as a traffic controller in Prague Airport, a tedious but unexpectedly demanding function, which put to good use Izak’s talent for logistics and systems analysis. Izak was bored witless, on a magical and mystical level – but the routines of traffic control were good for his mental state; he reestablished contact with his brothers and found a positive was to channel his intellectual powers. He took up boxing, had a few failed but non-fatal relationships and sobered up, completely. Time heals all wounds and the crisis was averted, it seems.

16 months ago, Izak was transferred back onto the force and reinstated as a detective, where he was paired up with [NPC]. Izak’s psychological profile indicates that he functions well, but still needs to see a police psychiatrist semiannually.

Izak Prazan

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