Pre Campaign Events that Shaped Prague

These are events more or less local or specific to Prague, or affecting Prague.

2028: The Prime Minister’s office drafts the Magical Practitioners Registration Bill, which Parliament passes into law.

2029: The terrorist organization known as Crimson Jihad blow up the Myslbek Shopping Gallery. For a variety of reasons, the rubble was never cleaned up. The Shattergraves – as the areas is called – are now home to all manner of creatures, human and otherwise, and it is said that the ghosts who died in the explosion still haunt the place.

2032: Schwartzkopf, a great western dragon, is made a dean at Prague University. Still is.

2037: Lofwyr, great western dragon, announces 63% ownership of Saeder-Krupp, votes himself chairman of the board, president, and CEO.

2039: Count Wenceslaus, residing at Chateau Mcely, situated in the rural area of the St George Forest in the north-eastern part of Central Bohemia, an hours travel north of Prague gives a TV interview as the first oficially known vampire (HMHVV) on the european continent.

2039: Night of Rage Feb 7: Thousands of metahumans, as well as friends and family, die in global riots. In Prague 733 die.

2040: Marie Novylova, a chaged ork, is elected Mayor of Prague for the Democratic Party. Wins 90% of metahuman vote. First meta human in a position of sizeable power in Prague and the Czech Republic.

2041: First Humanis Policlub chapted founded in Prague.

2043: August: Two weeks of more or less open warfare between the Vory and local mob leaves more than 400 people dead. Mostly civilians. Martial law declared. National guard called in.

2044: National guard exits Prague during April. Euphoria and unrest ensues.

2045: German Alliance founded

2046: A spirit calling itself Flebersted manifests in Prague and declares Prague to be under it’s protection. No reaction from Schwartzkopf. Flebersted stopped what seemed like petty crime for some 10 years, and hasn’t been seen since.

2048: Saeder-Krupp begins the construction of the Prague Acrology (The Prac). Houses 20.000 people when it opens in 2054

2056: Worldwide The Universal Brotherhood is discovered to be a front for bug spirits. Prague seems to be spared of large scale infestations.

2056: Mikuláš Hájek is elected mayor for the Progressive Center Party. Mikuláš later turns out to be a drake.

2061: The passing of Halley’s Comet sparks SURGEUGE – which in turns sparks minor roits in Prague.

2061: December 24: The first reported Shedim attack occurs.

2062: Sections of downtown Prague is thrown into electronic chaos as two matrix gangs, duMP and Operation Standard battle for supremacy on and offline.

2065: The Area formerly known as Zizkov, now Ghoul Town is made an experimental area where ghouls can settle alongside regular citizens and live in peace. Sparks loads of hate, but still in effect. Area was formerly very crime infested.

2066: Honza Svárovský elected mayor for Conservative Peoples Party. Promises a heavy hand on metahumans and crime.

2068, September 3rd: The National Security Agency prevents a coordinated attack attack agains the parliament, the town hall and the national bank. The identity of the attackers is never made public.

2068, September 5th: The Prague Police head quarter and is leveled to the ground. A truck loaded with explosives drive into the parking facilities of the building and detonate, sourrounding buildings suffer damage. Death toll unknown, estimated to be at least 1000. Police force left without leadership. City descends into unrest. Saeder Krupp forces step in to keep ‘the city afloat’. Mayor Svárovský calls in the national guard to replace Saeder-Krupp. Bomber later determined to be influenced by spirits.

2070: Present day.

Pre Campaign Events that Shaped Prague

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